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Nonton film Kehormatan di Balik Kerudung Online

Kehormatan di Balik Kerudung

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woman, but hard-hearted. He lived with his mother and sister, Ruth. Although they live in simplicity, very loving family Syahhdu. Once Syahhdu intend to visit his grandfather who lived in other areas. In traveling by train, Syahdu met with Ifan, pious youth but open-minded, and intelligent. Ifan and Syahdu even more intimate acquaintance. Introductions that ultimately, secretly, to grow the seeds of love in their hearts, but the latent. Is Sofia, her compatriot with Ifan, who fell in love also to Ifan, but Ifan never take seriously. Ifan still be nice to Sofia. While Sofia who knows the closeness Syahdu and Ifan, tolerance despite her fear of losing her dream to get a religious men like ifan